A Case History of the WARTS

After the close of World War II sections of the amateur bands were gradually returned to their normal occupants - members of the amateur fraternity. The old-timers straggled homeward and unwrapped ancient rigs from years of mothballs, or they hurried to acquire a quantity surplus at give-a-way prices. Across the spectrum, old acquaintances were renewed and new and younger amateurs took the place of those forever departed to the land of Silent Keys. Those were the days of many decades ago, and are now becoming hazy as our memory fades.

In the absence of 160-meter operation, 75 meters became the band on which to congregate for ragchews with the gang just across the hill in the next little town. Things were just not quite the same as those pre-war days of that wandering VFO and ten-dollar home-ground crystals. Surplus rocks and a new impetus to catch up on long lost hamming tended to crowd the 75 meter phone band. No longer did one call CQ on 75 meters, and tune to 10 meters and down for an answer. Roundtables developed between amateurs of a common interest, and regular schedules were maintained with single stations frequently acting as master of ceremonies. Thus was formulated THE WASHINGTON AMATEUR RADIO TRAFFIC SYSTEM.

"This is the time to record the credits for the start of the WARTS Net. The record should clearly show that the Net owes its existence to Rylie, W7CKT. His faith in an idea, his wisdom in selecting the proper principles and purposes upon which to build the Net, and his untiring efforts during it infancy have resulted in a permanent Amateur service organ."

By a co-founder: Carl W. Eckhardt, W7BBK a Silent Key

"May the Net perpetuate, tough sledding and all; be an asset to the Amateur Fraternity and endow you with many happy hours."

Founder: Lewis F. Rylie, W7CKT a Silent Key

Rylie soon published a small Net newsletter, which he called THE PARASITE - From

The first PARASITE of January 27, 1948.

"On the 10th of February (1948) we will shift to 3970 kHz starting with the 0700 sked. We have also established the frequency of 3980 as a frequency as a frequency to slide out of the Net on for contacts etc…in order not to hold up the Net operation and also in order to keep the various stations from having to look all over the band for a guy when he takes off out of the Net for short periods of time for contracts. de W7CKT.

The PARASITE of 1948 was produced as a labor of love by hand cranking a
Mimeograph machine. The stencils no longer exist, and the copy paper has
Yellowed with age. The printing is fading into the sunset as have many of
the early members of the WARTS.

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