(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question One:

"How can I become a WARTS member?"

There are two requirements to becoming a WARTS member. 1: Check-in at least eight times within a calendar month. 2: Create a properly formatted ARRL Radiogram with text requesting addition to the WARTS Roster and send it over the air to the net secretary before the end of the month. If the radiogram is received after the end of the month, then your call will appear on the month after the current month. For help in creating a radiogram, click here.

When you have your radiogram filled in and are ready to send it, monitor the WARTS net. When net control asks "Are there any stations with formal traffic?", transmit your call sign only. When net control acknowledges you and asks what you have, say "I have one message for the Net Secretary". At that point net control will ask if anyone can take the message. If someone can take it, then net control will instruct you what to do. Most likely you will be sent to another frequency with the receiving ham to pass your piece of traffic.

Once the Net Secretary has your radiogram and verifies that you did check-in at least 6 times in a month, he/she will add you to next month's roster. Until that new roster comes out on the first of the month, you will still need to check-in as a visitor.

Question Two:

"How do I stay on the WARTS roster as a member?

To remain a member on the WARTS roster, you will need to check-in at least 6 times per month. Stations failing to check-in 6 times per month for any 2 month period, without a valid excuse, will be dropped from the roster.

Those who have a valid reason for not checking in will notify the net secretary by formal radiogram of this reason. (Illness, vacation over two months, snow- birds, extended business obligations, QTH move, broken radio, Etc.)

Question Three:

"My spouse (son, daughter, etc.) are licensed as hams and live at my QTH. Can one person check-in for all?"

Presently in many cases the "Spouse" or other person(s) in a household either have never checked in or rarely do. Never checking in to the net does not afford them the training and knowledge to be of much use to the net in case of need. They just take up space on our roll call sheet. Itís a slap in the face for those members who play be the rules to have a non-participant on the roll call. Therefore:

The 6 check-ins per month requirement applies to each of the listed stations on the roll call. The net expects participation from each of the listed stations at a common QTH.

Question Four:

"Should Technician license holders be allowed to be on the roll call by checking in, in person, under the control of a control operator, for training and they meet the nets stated check in policies?"

Only operators who are allowed to operate on 3975 kHz will be allowed to be on the roster. Others may be checked in as visitor stations in the appropriate place during the net.

Question Five:

How do we notify the people who have been dropped from the roll call because they did not meet check in requirements? Net Controls? Net Manager? QST? Net Secretary?

A list will be read as a QST by the net secretary one time at the beginning of each month along with a listing of the new members.