Howard William Brewer, K7HSM
(1922-2017) (SK)

My really beloved father, Howard William Brewer...what a man! September 4, 1922-February 17, 2017. My DADDY. Most of our close family was there by his bedside.
Such a sad time but still beautiful in it's own way. Daddy, I am finding out, was a very much loved man. Not just by family but acquaintances and friends. He touched so
many lives in a positive way. We sit, we exchange tears, and we talk. The stories that are coming forth are awe inspiring. The tributes are awe inspiring. Dad had a
 hard life...enrolling in the Air Force in the early 40's intending to become a pilot. They didn't need any more pilots in training so they shipped him off to the Army Ski Troops. Dad was an avid skier in this youth...on wooden skis, he and his friends would climb to the tops of mountains and ski down. So, he figured he would excel in this event. I'm not sure what happened but he ended up freezing his two feet. He recovered for the most part and then they gave him a "military dog trainer" job where he trained mostly Shepherds to fetch and return messages. He then was transferred into being a truck driver...often darting behind German lines to fetch supplies for his troops. I know he and a friend got lost behind enemy lines and they lied their way out of the German Soldiers grasps and managed to get back into friendly territory. I believe he got a medal for that one. I, however, only found out that he was part of a troop that rescued Jewish civilians and that he was where the horrific executions were. He was very very effected about that and did not discuss it with many. He was a proud member of the 69th Battalion and there are stories on the internet about him and them.

Dad lost two wives, a young daughter and recently a son. He survived that but his heart was forever affected I am sure. He, in July, 2013 met the real love of his life, Jo Anne. What a wonderful loving relationship they had. They did almost everything together. This was a soul to soul relationship. Our Jo Anne stayed by his bedside until the very last, stroking and whispering to him and bathing his mouth. If only they had met much earlier in life. They had 4 beautiful years together and we thank her for making him so happy.

Dad worked for the Wagoner Mill in Twisp, Washington driving Hyster and other such things. The mill closed after many years and he was the last paid employee to go. He took retirement after that.

In 1959 dad got his ham radio license, K7HSM. There is such a beautiful photo of him on his radio. I was a young girl then and did not realize until fairly recently just how handsome he was!! He made many new friends all over the US and Canada. He was still using his ham station until he left us. That is a span of 58 years. He had a stint of riding motorcyles and snowmobiles as well. He loved the woods dearly and fishing. Some hunting also until his family refused to eat the kill so to speak. I heard about some of his "taking care of the woods" stories yesterday. When he saw some camper not carefully putting out their fires or leaving trash behind, he did not ignore it. he made them do it properly and admonished them to not use the forests if they could not take care of them also.

He has left behind on this earth his beloved partner,one sister, two daughters, two sons-in-law, four grandchildren and their spouses and seven great-grandchildren and many nieces.

There will be a write up in the Methow Valley News soon. He asked that his burial be kept private but before that there will be a hotdog and marshmallow roast at one of his favorite spots in the Methow Valley this summer. It is open to anyone who wants to come and share a story or two. The dates or exact spot has not yet been decided.

This was a wonderful special man....